DaVinci Resolve 16 – Nokia 7.2 Unboxing Video

Hi there. Just a quick update on the blog. I just posted a new YouTube Video! Gash, this must be the first real new video in like, 4 years or something. Anyway, I just found a new editing software, DaVinci Resolve from BlackMagic (Download it here). It is just about everything a content creator can dream of. The free version does almost everything in the paid version with exception for some specialized features. But even if I ever should need the premium version it is like 300 bucks for a one-time license, unlike the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription which will be more expensive within 10 months if you compare it.

Back to DaVinci Resolve. I was able to follow a couple of quick tutorials and now I already have a basic understanding of how to do trim cutting, transitions, text overlays and trackers. I can even already blur out with and without tracking. All in all I find DaVinci Resolve way easier than Adobe Premiere while still having all the advanced features of a Non-Linear-Editor. What I found particularly impressive is the intuitive use of standard Windows shortcuts. It makes the software feel like it is native to Windows instead of being a port from Mac like Premiere. The use of the middle mouse button click is essential for panning the timeline around or the scroll wheel to quickly zoom around in the preview panes.

Still much to learn

The newest Version of DaVinci Resolve, 16 has added a new page for quick rough cuts. This one I still have to figure out, but I will, eventually. Another thing I need to get a better understanding of is how and when to use the multiple preview windows. Something I wasn’t aware of is how long it takes to edit. I hope to get faster, but currently the ratio was at about one hour per minute of video created.

Anyway, have a look yourself at my newest YouTube video and while you’re at it, subscribe to the channel. More is to come in the near future!

Unboxing of Nokia 7.2 edited with DaVinci Resolve

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This is not sponsored content! I am just excited about the fact that with DaVinci Resolve I finally found a suitable professional video editor for free where I feel the learning curve is very manageable.

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