How to Install a Screen protector on Nokia 7.2

I must feel productive! This time around I made another video showing how to apply a glass screen protector to both my new Nokia 7.2 phones. In case you’re wondering: This is the screen protector that I got from a local Swiss retailer:

This is not much more than another excetcise in ho to use the video editing Tool Da Vinci Resolve. Still, as long as there is material on my Nokia 7.2 I guess I can keep posting videos of it. I already feel like I am getting faster at editing and I was able to finish this one in a couple of hours. The last video on my Nokia 7.2 is still doing fine and the view counter just hit 130, lol 😂

In the next video I think i’ll show my haul from the past Black Friday. Could be interesting for someone who likes to watch unboxing videos.

While you’re at it, check out my previous post where I unbox the – in my humble opinion – new Midrange King – Here

– Stay tuned!

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