Exploring Minecraft 1.20 Update: Discovering Trail Ruins and Their Treasures

Minecraft players were thrilled by the plethora of new and exciting additions introduced in the Minecraft 1.20 update. One of these fascinating additions is the trail ruins, a unique structure filled with secrets and rare loot drops that players will undoubtedly enjoy. In this article, we will delve into what trail ruins are, where and how to find them, and the treasures that await those who venture into these ancient structures.

What are Trail Ruins in Minecraft 1.20?

Trail ruins are remnants of ancient civilizations buried deep within the Minecraft world. Composed of various blocks such as stone, stone bricks, cobblestone, terracotta, glazed terracotta, mud bricks, coarse dirt, and bricks, these structures hold the mysteries of civilizations long gone.

Only a few blocks on the surface hint at the presence of trail ruins, urging players to begin their excavation. Suspicious gravel blocks can be found both around and within these ancient structures. When excavating these sites, caution must be exercised to avoid destroying any of these precious blocks.

Where Do Trail Ruins Generate in Minecraft?

Trail ruins can be found in specific biomes within the Minecraft legends. Keep an eye out for these structures in the following biomes:

  1. Jungle biome
  2. Old growth birch forest biome
  3. Old growth pine taiga biome
  4. Old growth spruce taiga biome
  5. Snowy taiga biome
  6. Taiga biome

How to Easily Find Trail Ruins in Minecraft

  1. Lookout for Specific Blocks: Locating trail ruins can be challenging yet simple. The only indication players have of these structures is a few exposed blocks on the surface. Keep a keen eye out for uniquely colored terracotta blocks and gravel. If the trail ruins are situated beneath flat, unobstructed terrain, spotting these out-of-place blocks on the ground becomes easier.However, if the structure generated beneath a dense cover of trees and foliage, as often found in jungle terrains, it is highly likely that players may overlook the exposed blocks. Therefore, paying closer attention to your surroundings in tree-dense areas is crucial. Moreover, even with obstructed views due to tree canopies, observing from higher ground provides a better perspective. Utilize an elytra to fly above the ground and scan the area effectively.
  1. Underwater Trail Ruins: Fortunate players may stumble upon trail ruins located near or even submerged in bodies of water within the Minecraft world. The blocks that would otherwise be surrounded by solid blocks are now surrounded by water, making them more easily visible. Thus, keep an eye out for unusual blocks underwater near coastlines.
  2. Using Commands: For those playing in the creative world or with cheats enabled in survival mode, using commands can aid in locating trail ruins. To locate trail ruins in Minecraft creative mode, follow these steps:
  • Pause the game.
  • Click the “Open to LAN” button.
  • Click “Allow Cheats” to enable cheats.
  • Click the “Start LAN World” button.
  • With cheats enabled, use the command “/locate structure minecraft:trail_ruins” in the chat. You can then teleport to the trail ruins location by clicking on the coordinates displayed in the chat.
  1. Use Third-Party Websites: If you’re eager to explore the trail ruins and other features without wasting time searching for them, utilizing third-party websites can be a helpful option. Websites like Chunkbase provide the ability to scan your world seed and reveal the locations of various structures and biomes. Follow these steps to locate trail ruins using Chunkbase:
  2. Retrieve your seed code by entering the command “/seed” in the chat and copying it.
  3. Visit the Chunkbase website and navigate to the “apps” tab.
  4. Choose an appropriate option and enter your seed code, Minecraft version, and desired dimension to initiate the search. The “Seed map app” allows you to see everything on the map.

Please note that while these websites can save you time and effort, some may consider it cheating. Use discretion based on your preferences.

All the Loot You Can Find in the Trail Ruins:

Once you’ve discovered a trail ruin, it’s time to unearth its treasures. Trail ruins have a direct connection to the new archeology features introduced in Minecraft 1.20. These ancient structures harbor both ordinary and precious rewards. By using the brush, players can excavate suspicious gravel blocks to uncover various items. Below are the items you can find and their likelihood of obtaining them:

Rare Items:

  • Armor Trims (Host Armor Trim, Raiser Armor Trim, Shaper Armor Trim, Wayfinder Armor Trim) – 8.3% chance each.

Pottery Sherds:

  • Burn Pottery Sherd, Danger Pottery Sherd, Friend Pottery Sherd, Heart Pottery Sherd, Heartbreak Pottery Sherd, Howl Pottery Sherd, Sheaf Pottery Sherd – 8.3% chance each.

Common Items:

  • Blue dye, Brick, Brown candle, Emerald, Green candle, Light blue dye, Orange dye, Purple candle, Red candle, Wheat, White dye, Wooden hoe, Yellow dye – 4.4% chance each.
  • Beetroot seeds, Blue stained glass pane, Coal, Dead bush, Flower pot, Lead, Light blue stained glass pane, Magenta stained glass pane, Oak hanging sign, Pink stained glass pane, Purple stained glass pane, Red stained glass pane, Spruce hanging sign, String, Wheat seeds, Yellow stained glass pane, Gold nugget – 2.2% chance each.


With the introduction of archeology features in the Minecraft 1.20 update, Mojang has provided players with yet another reason to embark on exciting adventures in the Minecraft world. Trail ruins offer the opportunity to obtain pottery sherds, stained glass panes, emeralds, armor trims, and a variety of other valuable rewards. So grab your tools and embark on a journey to uncover the hidden treasures within these ancient structures!

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