LEGO Pixelart Picture Frame 65×65 – Prebuilt




Impress your visitors with a novel kind of picture on your wall! For LEGO fans and/or art enthusiasts!

The base model of the frame base is 4 Units high, topped by the picture layer. It is extremely sturdy and just looks amazing from all angles.

The picture surface can be glossy (smooth stones) or studded (lego studs).

This is the full, prebuilt kit and therefor the most expensive variant. We will source the needed parts and preassemble it for you. You will receive the finished product, including instructions.

The final product will be shipped internationally. Go to checkout for final rates.

For the you will receive:

  • We will translate your picture to a pixelated picture in LEGO colors
  • Custom built 65×65 LEGO pixelart picture frame
  • Size: 52cm x 52cm x 4cm
  • The frame is built to be hung on a nail and is flush on the wall
  • Smooth or studded finish (choose variant)

If you wish to only get the build instructions with the LEGO bricks visit this product.

If you wish to only get the build instructions without the LEGO bricks visit this product.



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