Starting this on the right foot

Hi and welcome to yet another blog, wanderer of the internets. It looks like you stumbled upon this either by accident or by intention. However you arrived here please feel welcomed (as long as you’re a human and not a spam-bot).

On this blog I go by the nickname of KarmCraft, but it shouldn’t be a problem to find out my real identity. It’s not particularly secret or something. At this point I just would prefer to establish the brand KarmCraft first, before revealing too much of my private life.

I’d rather focus on what I can and want to do. With a background in electromechanics and as a software engineer I love every aspect of engineering and tinkering. I am a maker and a creator at heart and always had way more ideas than time to do them. Lately this flame of mine – which layed dormant for many years – got stronger again thanks to the inspiring work of many of my favorite YouTube channels. These include Adam Savage’s Tested, AvE, This Old Tony, Clickspring, Wintergatan and many more.

I have many passions and I need a place where they can live and this place is hopefully going to be this blog.

So what are you waiting for? Live your life in a way that makes traveling light years just to hang out with you worth it.

Michael Stevens

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maker, dreamer, coder, gamer - not necessarily in this order.